The Heart of a Caring Community
Voluntary Action Center

In 2021 we provided 23,946 individual services to 2,066 individuals.  We could provide these services through the help of volunteers who contributed a total of 9,028 hours of service.  Because of our dedicated volunteers and donors, we can make a positive impact and help our Neighbors in Need.

  • Provided 15,230 hot meals through our Community Kitchen.
  • Provided 1,900 meal boxes which served 672 children and 3,033 adults.
  • Prevented eviction for 70 families consisting of 41 children and 103 children.
  • Prevented loss of utility service for 57 families consisting of 135 individuals.
  • Provided emergency hotel vouchers for 19 children and 48 adults.
  • Provided Christmas toys and clothes to 385 children.
  • Provided Christmas food boxes to 385 children and 334 adults.
  • Our laundry and shower facilities were utilized 193 times.
  • Provided free education classes to 343 individuals.
  • Provided toiletries and personal care items to 2,581 individuals.
  • Provided free items from the thrift store to 85 individuals.

Our Impact in Gordon County