The Heart of a Caring Community
Voluntary Action Center

Community Service

We allow the completion of community service hours at our organization for both voluntary and court-ordered programs.  We track hours completed through a system called Volgistics.  Voluntary Community Service volunteers can utilize the system to track their hours and find volunteer opportunities.  We provide authorization for hours served.

Voluntary Community Service

Our volunteers completing community service for school, work, or civic organizations can choose to utilize an organization-approved service tracking form or use the VAC's verification forms.  For our volunteers completing voluntary community service, we will do our best to accommodate your desired work area and availability schedule.  We can also provide referral and recommendation letters for college scholarships and job applications.  We ask that you request referral and recommendation letters in advance by emailing our Executive Director at  

Court Ordered Community Service

We provide opportunities for individuals to complete court-ordered community service, upon approval.  Individuals who have been issued court-ordered community service need to contact our office at 706-629-7283 to review their eligibility.  Individuals charged with theft, shoplifting, burglary, family violence, battery, terroristic threats, or other violent offenses will not be approved to complete service at our organization.  We also limit the total number of community service workers we schedule on the premises to ensure an adequate workload.  Once approved, community service workers are required to schedule their service days in advance to ensure service completion.  Court-ordered community service workers are not allowed to utilize electronic devices during service and must be present during the entire service time.  Court-ordered community service workers are given one, thirty-minute lunch break if they work more than four hours.  Smoke breaks and breaks off the premises are not allowed.  The VAC reserves the right to deny community service workers and to dismiss workers who do not adhere to agency rules and regulations.