The Heart of a Caring Community
Voluntary Action Center


A volunteer Board of Directors actively governs the Voluntary Action Center.  The Board of Directors' role is to ensure the organization operates to a high ethical standard while maintaining financial accountability.  The Board approves and monitors the policies and procedures that govern the activities of the organization and its employees.  In addition to maintaining ethical and financial compliance, the Board ensures adherence to all local, state, and federal laws.  The Board is committed to ensuring the organization operates transparently while ensuring the privacy of those we serve.  

About Voluntary Action Center

Hand-Up, Inc. DBA Voluntary Action Center is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing emergency resources to prevent hunger and homelessness.  We have been serving the residents of Gordon County since 1971.  We are supported through our Thrift Store, United Way, Ratner Foundation, Mohawk Foundation, other grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual contributions.


Serving as the heart of service in Gordon County, we strive to provide volunteer opportunities that offer a wide variety of emergency resources to our neighbors in need.


Through the support of volunteers and donors, we focus on offering programs that focus on hunger and homeless prevention.  We strive to ensure no one living in Gordon County has to choose between nourishment and other basic human needs.  We want to ensure that those we serve feel hope instead of hopelessness and are met with compassion and respect.  

candid platinum rating

The Voluntary Action Center is proud to have achieved the Platinum Seal of Transparency Rating on Candid, also known as Guidestar, for the fifth consecutive year.  Candid/Guidestar is the world's largest source of information on non-profits and has been operating for over 88 years.  This recognition places the Voluntary Action Center in the top 0.1% of transparency rankings for non-profits in the United States.

The Platinum Seal of Transparency indicates that we share information regarding our organization's goals, strategies, achievements, and service to show our impact on those we serve.  

Potential donors can review our organization's financial and organizational information by reviewing our Candid profile.  Current donors can also review our profile o rest assured that their donations are impacting hunger and homelessness here in Gordon County.

Check out the Voluntary Action Center's profile by clicking on the Platinum Transparency seal above.