Community Partners of the Year

Volunteers of the Year

"Heart of Service Award"

​            2016     Eddie Ray Green

            2015     Cynthia Nicholson

            2014     Chaary Chaapel

                             Brenda Dixon

                             James Joy

                             Phyllis Joy

           2013      Dee Dee Bernal

                             Dixie Boswell

                             Randy Smith

          2012       John Podgorny

                             Mary Nell Podgorny

          2011       Eric Alford

          2010       Taylor Moore            


​    2012     Calhoun City Community Based Instruction

                     Gordon County Community Based Instruction


    2011     Calhoun City Fire Department

                     Calhoun First Presbyterian Church

​                     Gordon County Fire Department

                     Gordon EMS

                     Maranatha North Georgia Church

                     Owen Security

                     Shaw Industries

    2010     Branch Bank & Trust

                     Georgia Cumberland Academy

                     Gordon County Sheriff's Department

                     Gordon EMS

                     Home Depot

Honoring our Volunteers

Board Member

Volunteer of the Year

​            2016​      Gay Little


​    2016     Ball Corporation

                     Gordon Hospital

                     Mohawk Industries

    2015     Calhoun Drug Company

                     Calhoun First United Methodist Church

​                     Gordon County Sheriff's Department

    2014     Beaulieu of America

                      Calhoun Wholesale Food Employees


   2013      Calhoun First Baptist Church

                     Calhoun First United Methodist Church

                     Calhoun Optimist Club

                     Rock Bridge Community Church

                     Shaw Industries


Volunteer of the Year

​            2016     Megan Hudson

            2015     Danny Lopez 

Our Volunteers are what makes the VAC 

The Heart of a Caring Community


If you would like to make a difference in the lives of others, please submit a volunteer application via the electronic link at the top of this page.  We try to accommodate all volunteer requests but at certain times of the year we have limited volunteer opportunities.