Community Kitchen

Hot meals Monday-Friday from 11:00  AM - 12:30 PM

If you or someone you know is in need of a hot meal you can visit our Community Kitchen.  Meals are available each weekday and are always FREE.  

Our Food Pantry is open Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 2 PM  

To obtain food assistance you can visit the VAC and present a Picture ID and either a Utility Bill or Lease Agreement.  This service is available to Gordon County residents every 30 days.

There were over 139 volunteers who donated 13,261 hours of services to ensure our Neighbors in Need were recipients of care and compassion.

Because of your help we fed the hungry by providing 25,034 hot meals and grocery boxes to 3,739 families consisting of 9,987 individuals.

Because of your help we ensured 78 families were not evicted from their homes.  This kept 85 children and 141 adults safely housed.

Because of your help we prevented loss of utility services for 134 families.  This ensured 142 children and 231 adults had running water and either power or gas to heat/cool their homes and the ability to prepare food.

Because of your help we provided emergency shelter to 85 families who were homeless.  These families, consisting of 149 children and 124 adults who would otherwise have been living in their cars or on the streets.

Because of your help our shower facilities were used 376 times and our laundry facilities were used 409 times to ensure individuals were able to gain dignity and self-respect.

Because of your help we provided clothing to 280 individuals.

Because of your help we provided training to 374 individuals.

​Because of your help 915 children were blessed with clothing and toys for Christmas to prevent their Christmas morning from being empty.

 Because of your help the love and spirit of Christmas was shared through a Christmas meal box provided to 1,322 individuals including parents, children, and seniors.

 Because of your help we provided 41,522 individuals services.  These services were provided at NO COST to over 4,000 individuals living in Gordon County. 

VAC 2017 

Assistance  Facts:

Food Pantry

Rent/Mortgage and Utility Assistance

The Bridge Homeless Outreach

FREE Training

Holiday Food and Toy Programs

This program provides toys and food to children living in Gordon County.  The program guidelines are available above for anyone seeking assistance for their child this Christmas.  Seniors age 60 who meet income guidelines may request a Christmas Meal Box by contacting 706-629-7283.

Emergency Clothing

Prescriptions for immediate needs are provided on a one-time basis to individuals who meet program qualifications.  Medical equipment such as walkers, crutches and potty chairs are available to anyone for use on a loan basis.  

Temporary Housing and Case Management for Homeless Families 

Families who had an established residence in Gordon County and are now homeless can apply for assistance by contacting the Bridge case manager at 770-608-1705.  The Bridge expects all participants to work on goals such as:

  • Establishing:  Employment, a Budget, Savings, and childcare
  • Problem Solving:  Mental health services, satisfying debts, and/or reuniting with family.
  • Obtaining:  Picture IDs, social security cards, and birth certificates
  • Actively Seek:  GED or job training if required

Free classes are offered year round covering a variety of topics such as English for Spanish Speakers, Budgeting, How to Find a Job,  and much more.  

Facilities also available for business use.  Contact VAC for more info.

Showers and Laundry Services

Prescriptions and Medical Equipment

We provide emergency services to prevent loss of utilities and prevent eviction.

This service is available to Gordon County residents who are at risk of eviction or at risk of having their utilities disconnected.  This service is available by appointment by calling 706-629-7283.

This service is provided by referral to individuals and families who have lost their homes due to natural disasters or fire.  Clothing is also provided to students in school, and adults for job interviews and required work wear.  

We provide shower and laundry services to homeless and individuals in need.  These services are available by appointment by visiting the VAC or by calling 706-629-7283.  When using these facilities toiletries and laundry detergent are provided at no cost.  

This program provides temporary emergency housing for families with children who have become homeless or who are facing eviction.  This program provides extensive case management services to help establish employment and financial stability.  Due to the extensive case management of this program there are limitations on the number of families accepted each month.

The Bridge case manager can be reached at 706-659-2004 or