2017 Murder Mystery Fundraiser "Murder on Broadway"

2014 "Murder in Bayberry"

Cast of Characters

Caryn Sims, Stacy Long, Joni Harbin, Nathan Murphy, Jim Prater,  

Kelly Fuquea, and Jim Reddoch

2016 "Murder on Prohibition"

Our Cast of Characters

Mitch Ralston, Nikki Ralston, Tori Ralston, Amy Parker, Kelly Fuquea, Caryn Sims, LaRae Pennel, Ted Pennel, and Nathan Murphy

Special Guest Cast Member Stephanie Jones

Thanks to our sponsors, cast and guests the VAC raised $16,000 for our Hunger and Homeless Programs.  

Cast of Characters

Stacy Long, Kelly Fuquea, Joni Harbin, Mignon Ballard, Jim Reddoch,

Mitch Ralston, Justin Timms, Jim Lay, Jim Prater, and Nikki Ralston